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Michele Sullivan

Pilates, specifically Classical Pilates, has changed my approach to staying lean and fit.  I am a 44 year old mother of  3 children under the age of 8 years.  I have been lean and fit the majority of my life developed from years of competitive running including marathons and half-marathons.  After I turned 41, my disciplined 5 am routine of running combined with wind-sprints, pushups, sit-ups, and lunges was no longer effective for me.  I tried mixing in kick-boxing, weight-lifting, Bikram and other types of yoga.  The running kept me lean but not toned.  Weights did nothing to tighten my core and pull in my belly from 3 pregnancies. Kickboxing was great for strength but produced bulky muscles.  Yoga toned my arms and legs but not my core.  In the more recent past, I also tried private session “Pilates” and classes at studios.  I was moving toward getting the results I was looking for but I felt I should be getting better results from the workout.  Then, Karen Washburn Ness came highly recommended to me.  My eyes were suddenly opened to Classical Pilates and its results with consistent practice.  While I believe in cross-training and variety, I am a fervent believer that Classical Pilates is the single most effective well-rounded workout to create all-over lean muscles, core strength, and a balanced body.  Classical Pilates has become the main foundation of my workouts.  Classical Pilates has strengthened my core and pulled in my mommy belly.  Classical Pilates has made me aware of the imbalances in my body both from a flexibility and strength standpoint and works to correct it.  It is amazing how my extremities are toning as I move deeper into the practice.  I am passionate about Classical Pilates. Its results are superior to any other workout I have experienced in half the time.  It will absolutely be the center of my fitness routine for my lifetime.

Kristal Reed

Classical Pilates has literally changed my life.  Since I was young I have seen Chiropractors and Physical Therapists on a regular basis because of a rotated shoulder that has caused chronic pain and weakness. Even with their best care and treatments, I continued to struggle with pain and limitations.  It wasn’t until I found Classical Pilates that I really began to see and feel my body change.  For the first time I was able to attain full range of motion in my shoulder and develop strength in areas I didn’t think possible.  Different from other forms of Pilates, Classical Pilates treats your body as a whole, rather than only focusing on specific areas.  I think this makes all the difference.  The Classical Pilates method has helped me develop deeper mind and body connections which have allowed me not only to heal and strengthen my body, but also create more significant balance overall.  I continue to learn so much from Karen as she is truly a gifted teacher.  Karen patiently encourages her students to continually challenge themselves, always emphasizing the reasons behind each exercise and why Joseph Pilates created them.  Her passion for the Classical Pilates Method is contagious, inspiring and has made me a student of Classical Pilates for life!

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